Best A-Level Maths Revision Tips

Best A-Level Maths Revision Tips

A-level Mathematics is probably one of the most challenging of all A-levels. It builds from GCSE level mathematics and introduces calculus and its applications. It shows how mathematical ideas are interconnected and how they can be applied to model situations using algebra and other representations, to understand data and to solve problems in areas such as social sciences and business. Everything from algebra and trigonometry to differentiation and geometry is included in the syllabus. Knowing some effective study tips are essential to make sure that you can reach your potential.

Tip 1: Use your time wisely

Think about where your strengths and weaknesses lie and create a study schedule that best caters your needs. At the same time, make sure you don’t put your emphasis on only those you are familiar with.

Tip 2: Practice and Practice

Past papers are your best friends. The more you do, the more you learn. Not only does it help you prepare mentally for the exam, it also gives you a clear idea as to what and how topics are covered in a real exam. You are bound to face some difficulties doing past papers. When that happens, it is recommended that you reach out to a Math Tutor Online Hong Kong or a Boarding School Math Tutor, seeking guidance from a professional Math Tutor is always more efficient than spending too much time battling with a difficult question.

Tip 3 Understanding instead of Memorizing

In order to apply theories and formulas smoothly in different situations, you have to try to really understand them instead of learning by rote. Ask your Math Tutor questions and make sure you fully understand the concept before doing past papers.